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Dhanwantari Allergy & Asthma Clinic presents: “Medicos Times” – Online Health Helpline !

A gift to medicos- by DIHC ( Dhanwantari International Health Care & Research Center Pvt Ltd ) as Corporate social responsibility.

Dhanwantari, Physician of Gods, is considered “God of health care” in Indian mythology who is considered source of Ayurveda (means The way of life).  His teachings, based on herbs and natural resources has been the basis of healing by traditional Indian Medicos since ages.

“The need of combining our traditional knowledge with most advanced modern medical sciences, were always felt”- this is what led to establishment of DHANWANTARI INTERNATIONAL HC & RC PVT LTD.

DIHC is a new Delhi based company with its corporate branches in Bangalore and Motihari, India runs a hospital in Motihari aiming free primary care to poor people, and specialized tertiary level care to those who can afford.

Medicos Times is thankful to Dr Krishna Mohan Jha, MD (Ay.), BHU Varanasi, HOD-department of Paediatrics and Principal RNM Ay Medical College, Motihari, for his support & expertise extended to us.

We aim to cater needs of medicos who are looking online to get authentic, up-to-date and recent most health information. This site is run edited and maintained by practising medicos for the medicos.
There is no dearth of websites with pages on health and health related topics, but here in Medicos Times, you will be getting only authentic info and no rumours!

This site is equally useful for both practising medicos for easy brush up of their knowledge, and medicos preparing for various entrance examinations, as we provide topics covered during MBBS in the most concise form. You will get all related points on any topic in one place, a convenient way to learn and remember.

All the information published here can be used for learning & knowledge purpose. We don’t restrict on grounds of copyright, as we strongly believe in free flow of knowledge. Specially medical knowledge, needs to be shared with all medicos for it’s proper utilization, comments and criticism.
As medical science is ever expanding & evolving, things seems to be right may be proved otherwise tomorrow, the guidelines for treatment, the Most Common (MC) causes, etiologies etc. are subject to change time to time, depending on new researches and varies with countries.
We take utmost care to be precise and up-to-date at the time of publishing an article. You can see the year & month of publication in URL of specific pages, like “http://www.drjha.in/index.php/2011/10/dna-repair-damage-and-diseases/” . However if you come across any recent changes, kindly leave a comment with references or drop us a mail [info(at)drjha.in], we will correct it as soon as possible.
This site wish to serve only as a supplement and we recommend you to go through standard medical text books before drawing any conclusion.